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Become a creator of the Interactive Textile Library!

ITL is an online and offline library (launching in October 2022) which showcases a collection of different interactive textiles and techniques to create such textiles. Our aim is to stimulate the development of interactive textiles by bringen different industries, companies and designers together so that we can innovate the textile/fashion/interior industry. By stimulating the collaboration between different companies we hope to bring textile innovation closer to the end user.


What exactly do we mean with interactive textiles? We mean textiles that can sense and/or react. For example; a textile which contains yarns that react to heat, textiles that changes appearance or physical properties when in contact with for example water, textiles enhanced with electronics so that it can sense a heartbeat or emit light, etc.

What do you get?

- For 1 year spot for free in our online and offline library (offer valid until 1st of September)

- 3 textile (technique) uploads (we recommend samples dimensions 40x40 cm but hold as a minimum 20x20 cm)

- 4-6 high quality, high resolution product photos per textile 

- 1 product video per textile 

- We present your textiles as part of our exhibition at the Dutch Design Week 2022

- We present your textiles in our company demos when applicable (we offer demos to companies in which they can chose for a general industry update, or they have a specific aim and we help them select the right techniques and partners)


What you could do for us:

- We would love to receive your textile uploads so that we can take the pictures, videos and to showcase in our library at The Fashion Tech Farm in Eindhoven. 

- A description of your company and the textile samples (we will send a digital form for this)

- Review and we publish your page!

Sign up here!

And become a creator (or request a meeting for more information)

Thanks for submitting!
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